Manassa High School

Mission Statement

The mission of Manassas High School is COLLEGE.

Vision Statement

The vision of Manassas High School to fully engage our staff, students, and stakeholders in becoming world class leaders in student achievement, character, citizenship, health, and technology through training, rigor, relevance, and relationships.

Beliefs Statement

We, the Manassas staff believe the following:
That each and every child should be recognized as a distinct individual with a unique set of needs and goals.

That it is our responsibility to accept each child at his/her own particular level of achievement and to seek to help this child reach his/her maximum potential in all areas.

That or school is an integral part of the community, serving not only as an educational center but as a total community asset.

That education is an ongoing process, not beginning with entrance into the school nor ending with a child’s exit from the school; thus, we are neither the beginning nor the end of any child’s educational process. Hopefully, we will be the best possible interlude.

Taylor, Foster of Renaissance Group; Formus Inc
1111 N Manassas St, Memphis, TN 38107
Service Provided:
145,000 sf / 2-story load bearing masonry and steel structure with a conventional roof and concrete foundations.

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